11 things I’d love for Valentine’s Day

11 things I’d love for Valentine’s Day

While there are a lot of people out there who pooh-pooh Valentine’s Day, I’m definitely not one of them. As a Leo who lives for luxury, the more spoiling I get, the better. And with V Day just around the corner, I’ve put some real thought into my wish list this year. (Bear in mind this list may have been radically different pre-baby, and that Mr Chick may well have a heart attack if he manages to read the whole thing.)

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1. A full night’s sleep, or a sleep where I don’t have to actually wake up for approximately 10 hours. I can’t actually remember when I last slept for a languorous length of time. Even when I catch a quick couple of hours, I still can’t just laze about like I used to. There’s always a little person to get up and attend to. And oh jezebel how I miss that sleep anywhere, sleep anytime thing I used to do.

2. A six month package of thrice-weekly, in-home personal training sessions. Very Kim Kardashian of me, I know, but oh, how I would LOVE this. If I won the lottery this is the first thing I’d organize with my trainer. I’m happy to run with the pram up hills, charge around the park, I’ll do weights in the backyard or hit the living room floor for 50 pushups. But the trainer would have to come to me, because clearly it’s a challenge making it to them. Or the gym, despite having a perfectly good membership and it being a mere 5 minute walk away.

3. A month’s worth of healthy, gourmet meals on wheels dinners. Two lots, one for me and one for Mr Chick so I don’t have to cook for anyone for a month. Hey, whatever makes the witching hour doable.

4. Bling, bling and more bling. Mr Chick knows never to give me stupid presents like laminators, and in fact, he’s the first man I’ve known to a) have impeccable taste and b) totally get it when it comes to jewellery. In this house, things that sparkle will always be appreciated on the international day of love.

5. Champagne. Preferably my favourite, Billecarte Salmon Rose, or Laurent Perrier Rose. Complete with a funny card listing inside how and why I am an awesome wife, mother, lover, cook, etc etc.

6. An overwater bungalow in Tahiti for a week. I know it wouldn’t be like our honeymoon – we’d have to take the bubba, obviously – but that’s okay. Moorea and Bora Bora are the stuff of dreams, except right now, those dreams don’t involve me in a bikini. (If you have to ask why, go back and re-read point 2 on the personal training sessions.)

7. A new swimming costume. My current one-piece is bright purple, has ruffles over the bustline and makes me feel like a giant purple oompa-loompa. I would love to go shopping for a long afternoon with a stylist who’d help me choose a sleek, sexy cossie with a bit of va-va-voom. And with any luck, an entire post-baby wardrobe to go with it.

8. A backyard makeover. I would LOVE a team of talented gardeners and designers to rock up at our house and do a two-day blitz on the backyard complete with excavation, decking, painting, potting huge trees, and basically turning our cute but tired outdoor area into something really beautiful and functional. A hot tub wouldn’t go astray either.

9. A whole day at a day spa. While not a totally pie-in-the-sky gift, it’s not really that doable being away from Charlie for a whole day while he’s so little – but boy, I crave a little pampering. It’s something I used to do with my good friend Sam every year as our birthdays fell in the same week. We’d go and have spa treatments then the spa’s chef would cook us lunch and we’d eat it in the beautiful gardens in our robes. Decadent? Maybe, but worth it.

10. A Saturday morning sleep-in with Mr Chick. It seems one of us is always up feeding or entertaining the little monkey, while the other one tries to sleep and ignore the puppet shows and enthusiastic, out-loud reading of The Hungry Caterpillar that’s invariably going on in the other room. I miss just hanging out in bed with my hubby, drinking tea and chatting and catching up with my favourite blogs on the ipad.

11. Time to read my book. It has taken me two weeks to read a third of Cheryl Strayed’s Torch. This was a book I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS and given it is nearly February and I’ve yet to finish it – which is, well, shameful. The book pile next to my bed just keeps growing and I just seem to read less and less!

Over to you, RC readers… what’s on your Valentine’s Day wish list? Even if you don’t celebrate V Day, I’d love to hear in the comments the one thing you’d really, really want right now if you could have anything at all. Go!

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  1. Claire 6 years ago

    I fancy a night in, with a gorgeous 3 course meal, lots of candles and can we please watch a movie? My husband hates watching a movies and I love it!
    In fact i might start researching the menu now and choose a flick that hubby might actually enjoy and perhaps stay awake for!

    • Author

      Can’t help you there, I am SO behind on the good movies now. (Never thought I’d say that!!)

  2. juzzy 6 years ago

    Loving your wishlist – bungalows, spas, gourmet meals on wheels are right up my street.

    For me, it’s about good food, good wine and the good company of my hubby. My wish would be a night out at a swanky restaurant, the type of dining experience you spend hours at just taking, laughing, eating and drinking. Not one word about having to coordinate diaries, not one care about who has to get up early next morning to take kids here, there and everywhere or go to work. At the end of the night, you just roll out the door, head home and have a love in all the next day. Perfect

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