Date Of The Nation Report 2013: 20 Facts About Aussies and Dating That May Surprise You

Date Of The Nation Report 2013: 20 Facts About Aussies and Dating That May Surprise You

What do Aussies want when it comes to dating and relationships? How have our dating habits changed? Are we happier being single than ever before? And what are the key deal-breakers when we’re thinking about committing? Is marriage dead? How often would we like to have sex? How many partners before The One?

This year, those curly questions and many more were asked of over 3500 Aussies for RSVP’s annual Date Of The Nation Report 2013, and I’ve got a whole whack of facts and figures to share with you. Happy Friday, everyone!

  1. Are you happy being single? It really IS time to put the old sad singleton cliche out to pasture. A whopping 71 percent of single Aussies are quite happy that way, thank you very much, with independence (46 percent for 31-50-year-olds) the aspect they most love.

  2. Main reason you’re single? According to the study, 22 percent say it’s because they’re not interested in a relationship right now.

  3.  Worst thing about being single? As you’d expect, it’s not having anyone to share the fun times with – birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day; this applied to 26 percent of 31-50 year-olds, and 39 percent of 51-60-year-olds.

  4. Do you want a serious relationship? We’re happy being single, but we also value relationships. A whopping 79 percent of Aussies consider serious relationships important or very important.

  5. Do you have sex on the third date? Apparently, 23 percent of Aussies do – the majority polled. Interestingly, while 29 percent of women will do the deed three dates in, another 29 percent wait 5-10 dates before getting it on. (Only 13 percent of men wait 5-10 dates.)

  6. Ever had a one night stand? If so, you’re in good company along with 53 percent of Aussies who’ve had at least one. Scarily, 39 percent of Aussies polled admitted to an unprotected one-nighter. Condoms, people!

  7. What’s your sex tally? Always a massive dilemma for RC readers, which you can read about here, and here. Oh and here and here and here. According to RSVP’s figures, 54 percent of Aussies have had five or less sexual partners. Unless they’re telling complete porkies.

  8. Ever faked it? Apparently, 38 percent of Aussies have pretended to see stars when in actual fact … nup. A huge but not surprising disparity here: 66 percent of single women have faked it, compared to 18 percent of single guys. The good news is, 82 percent of Aussies DO have regular orgasms (90% of men, and 64% of women).

  9. How often would you like sex? Twice a week is the magic number, for 27 percent of all Aussies. No surprises there.

  10. How do you spice it up? If it’s with foreplay or erotic massage, you’re in the majority of 56 percent of Aussies. Different positions comes in at 55 percent, followed by 27 percent who like sex outdoors or in unusual places. Toys (24 percent) and porn (22 percent) are on the bottom of the list. I wonder if people polled didn’t quite understand this question because hello, shouldn’t foreplay be a given rather than a ‘let’s spice things up’ optional extra? And what about talking dirty?

  11. How did you meet your partner? A biggie at RC HQ, like this Q&A. Survey results reveal that 6 percent of people met their current or most recent partner online; 9 percent would like to, and 51 percent of Aussies have used or would consider using online dating. According to survey results, 22 percent of Aussies who’ve used online dating have had a long-term relationship as a result, while 16 percent of online daters got married or are defacto with someone they met online. Around 19 percent of RSVP users got married to someone they met through the site. Aww.

  12. The main reason people do online dating? For 44 percent of us, it’s to have access to people we otherwise might not meet.

  13. Main reason for being on a dating site? We’ve all met ass clowns who treat it like their own sexual smorgasbord, so it’s heartwarming to hear that 69 percent of survey respondents aged 31-40 who used online dating were looking for long-term relationships.

  14. Tall, dark, handsome? Around 45 percent of single Aussie women are more likely to pursue a ‘type’ of guy, compared to 39 percent of men. The single most important factor in the type pursued? For 26 percent of men, it’s looks, compared to only 10 percent of women who listed the person’s nature (31 percent) as the most important.

  15. Most important qualities in a date? For 66 percent of Aussies, it’s personality, followed by values and morals (64 percent), sense of humour (56 percent), manners (53 percent) and sexual chemistry (40 percent).

  16. What’s your dealbreaker? For a whopping 62 percent of Aussies, drug or alcohol abuse (which often pop up in RC’s mailbag, like this Q&A and this one) is a non-negotiable, followed closely by a history of infidelity (55 percent) and gambling (47 percent).

  17. How many partners before The One? This is an interesting one – 54 percent of us expect to have four or less partners before settling down with ‘The One’. According to John Aiken, RSVP’s resident psychologist, those previous three give us a chance to make mistakes and figure out what we want so we can make it work in our fourth relationship.

  18. Keys to a successful relationship? Of course, it’s no surprise that 60 percent of us put trust at the top of the list, followed by friendship and respect (55 percent), good communication (49 percent), being supportive of one another (37 percent), and having a decent sex life (23 percent).

  19. Do you want kids? According to the survey, 40 percent of single men and 42 percent of single women without rugrats do want to become parents someday.

  20. Is marriage dead? Not according to 69 percent of Australians (47 percent of single men and 58 percent of single women) who believe it’s an important institution.

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