9 Valentine’s Day cards I love for 2015

9 Valentine’s Day cards I love for 2015

I’m feeling particularly smoochy towards Mr Chick this year (I don’t care what anyone says, having a baby can totally make you fall in love with your guy all over again, especially on those days when you don’t want to kill each other due to sleep deprivation). But, V Day isn’t just for romantic tragics like me. There’s something for everyone, no matter if you’re just dating, just bonking, crazy in love, married for ever etc etc. Here are my faves from the Etsy stores this year. (All way better than a lame offering snapped up at the last minute from your local 7-11.)

1. Love You Versus Ice Cream card, by milkandcookies. I do love a pie chart V day card. This one’s cute and simple and ships from Melbourne.

2. It takes a special person to deal with my crazy ass card, by JulieAnnArt. I’ve definitely contemplated giving this one to Mr Chick. And he can give it to me anytime, so we’re square.

3. You’re doing it wrong but I love you anyway card, also by JulieAnnArt. Don’t we all have that one domestic thing our other half does that shits us? Got to love a card that makes light of it.

4. The big boots small boots Valentine’s Day card, from Olive and the Volcano. Who says bubbas can’t give their dads a Valentine’s Day card? Yep, that’s Charlie sorted.

5. Just Do Me card, by SignFail. Says it all really. And if you’re into simple and cheeky, special mention goes to this one, from PageFiftyFive.

6. I’m so glad we got drunk and had sex card, from  JulieAnnArt. A great one for when you’re not that serious yet, but still don’t want to let V Day slide on by without some acknowledgement.

7. You bring darkness and financial burden to my life card, by LIKKS. I have a friend who always tries to buy the most sarcastic card for her boyfriend on V Day, and this Etsy offering got me giggling.

8. Let’s lay in bed all day and trade sexual favours for trips to the fridge card, by Catch22Cards. Hey, if you can’t be naughty on V Day, when can you?

9. How I spend my days card, by CheekyKumquat. Another cute pie chart but one I particularly like because you can personalise the segments to your relationship. (It’s pretty cool as is, though).

Like any of these? Do you do V Day, or let it slide?

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  1. Fordster 5 years ago

    These are cool, but we like our glitter love letters as well – they are a bit of fun for valentines: http://www.shipyourvalentineglitter.com.au

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