A scrub in time…

A scrub in time…

The other night I tried very hard to avoid eavesdropping on my neighbours as they fought about who should wash up the breakfast dishes. OK, I’m lying; I totally opened the window so I could hear them better. But seeing you all know about my inexcusably nosy side already let’s focus on the issue at hand: how the sexes view the dishes. Her overall tack was: ‘Why can’t you see the dishes are sitting there and wash them up as you go?’ His was: ‘What’s the big deal? I do heaps around here as it is.’
I’ve mentioned in the past that more sex can be a happy knock-on effect for men who indulge in choreplay – and while you could argue that gender’s irrelevant when it comes to where we lie on the scale between total pack-rat and obsessive-compulsive neat freak, I have another theory. In fact, I’d bet my last buck on the fact that some women have a kind of feel-good neurotransmitter that only switches on when surfaces are uncluttered, dishes are washed, beds are made and vacuuming is done. It’s the same neurotransmitter that flashes, ‘Warning! Danger! Danger!’ when the house is a mess and your mum / best friend / neighbour who wouldn’t know a spec of dust if it punched her on the nose announces she’s on her way over.
Not to sound completely sexist, I’m sure some men have this trigger switch too. I just haven’t met very many of them. Which makes it all the more sweeter when the ones that don’t grab the gloves and get stuck into the breakfast dishes – because you know they’re doing it just to please you. (Or let’s be honest, to get more sex).

~ Your turn: who cranks the neurotransmitter in your relationship? And do you have any hot tips for tricking a lazy partner into doing more housework?

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  1. Dragonfly 13 years ago

    I’m the neurotransmitter in my relationship, and all I had to do is when my boy realised I can tell the colour of my bedroom floor I just replied simply “I just appreciate a clean room…” and since then hes always made a huge effort to make sure the whole house is clean when i come over… or he makes sure i steer clear of the rooms he hasnt gotten to yet – you can never argue that an appreciative quickie or other kind of reassurance halfway through doesn’t make him realise that chores are a sure fire way to make a girl notice his “hard work” 😉

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