rachel smithHello!

I’m Rachel Smith, RC’s advice columnist. I’ve spent years fielding questions on just about every relationship and dating topic you’ve heard of (and some you probably haven’t). Shemales, anyone?

What do you do when you’re not at RC HQ?

I’ve been a freelance writer for over 12 years now, covering relationship trends, health, entertainment and travel for a wide range of magazines, newspapers and websites. I also own and run a media recruitment and connections site, Rachel’s List. And, I moderate letters at Letter To My Ex, RC’s sister site, which can be awesome or hilarious or downright shocking, depending on who’s writing in. I also blog about my life as a new mum at The Mama Files (you’ll find my Up The Duff columns there, too).

Can I hire you to write for me?

Sure! Aside from my feature writing, I work as a content writer and copywriter for clients requiring SEO copy, brochures, blog posts – you name it. I also create websites for companies needing an online presence. Check out my work and get in touch at my portfolio site, or find me on LinkedIn.

Wasn’t there another Reality Chick? Where’d she go?

Yep, RC was launched by myself and fellow journalist Pip Harry in 2006, and as the ‘Reality Chicks’, we wrote a long-running column in NW Magazine. Pip’s busy at work on her third YA novel so I’m running the show around here now. For more of the RC story, check out our recently released book, Get Lucky – available in bookstores and Amazon.

Does Reality Chick guest post or write for anyone else?

Sure do. For links to the latest guest posts and articles, click here.

Who are the Manswers Men?

We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

How often do you post?

Several times a week, so keep checking back! Or, dip a toe in RC’s massive archives. It’s like falling down the rabbit hole of relationship Q&As, you could be lost in there for days.

Do you edit questions you receive? How soon do you answer?

I do edit questions that are too long, or ramble incoherently, while keeping the general gist of the question intact. I try to answer all questions within a week or a fortnight at the most, unless I’m on holidays.

Can you give me a private answer to my question?

No, I don’t answer questions privately. Sorry!

Can I stay anonymous?

Sure. Just drop a line in the Question Box. Otherwise, write to me via askme@realitychick.com.au.