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Sometimes, I like to nick off and write for other blogs, websites, magazines and papers. Here’s a selection of RC guest posts and articles you may have missed. I also freelance full-time as a journalist, content writer and copywriter for health magazines, websites and corporate clients. For my full portfolio, zip on over here.

Your guide to self-help books that actually help, from The New Daily

Single? Here’s 10 of the best mobile dating apps, from The New Daily

Shacking up? How to merge your styles (while keeping your sanity), at The Interiors Addict

Can’t Get Pregnant? 5 Possible Reasons Why, at the 12wbt

Move it! The 7 Best Reasons to Exercise, at the 12wbt.

I Love You Chicken and Leek Pies and Strawberry Balsamic Delight at Mademoiselle Slimalicious

“I hire a male escort once or twice a month”, reprinted at The Good Men Project.

Women Who Pay For Sex: Men, Stereotypes and The Erotic, reprinted at The Good Men Project.

Home office heroes (I was one of the writers featured in this Temple and Website article).

What’s your scary age? In The Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday magazine.

Halloween Hot Date Movie Night: A Top Ten Scary Movie List, at The Urban Dater.

Texting Advice for the Big Brother Contestants, at Reality Ravings TV blog.

Would You Pay For Sex? At The Hoopla.

Find Love … The Old-Fashioned Way. At The Hoopla.

The Chore Wars, at The Hoopla.

Is That Your Best Price? At The Hoopla.

Facial Hair, I Love You. At The Hoopla.

Window Shopping – For Love. At The Hoopla.

The Pashless Marriage. At The Hoopla.

Reality Chick’s Top Self-Help Books, at So You’ve Been Dumped.

The Red Flags of Dating, at So You’ve Been Dumped.