Am I wrong to insist on a natural wedding high?

Am I wrong to insist on a natural wedding high?

I’m getting married in a few weeks to my boyfriend of seven years. I can’t wait for our big day, and everything has been planned to perfection. There’s just one thing I’m unsure about. Both my partner and I are recreational cocaine users and while he’s keen to have a couple of lines during the reception, I’d like us both to be drug free and high on life. What do I do – hope for the best on the day, or put my foot down now? Brissy bride-to-be

Stamp your white, pointy heels as much as you like with this one. As a bride you have every right to demand your new hubby leaves the nose candy aside for one day and experiences your wedding without a chemical aftertaste. This isn’t Good Vibes, this is your wedding day for pity’s sake. A couple of champagnes is par for the course, but sneaking off to the loos with his groomsmen for a few lines is simply poor taste.

Before you get caught up in the festivities, sit him down and firmly let him know the reasons you want him clear-headed and sober on this very special day. Obviously, you’re not going to whip out the portable urine tests at the reception, but spelling out how you feel should be enough to keep him from partaking. And if it isn’t, then perhaps he has more of a problem than you’re admitting to?

Love, reality chick

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