Baby Owner’s Manual

Baby Owner’s Manual

By Steve Bedwell | Rockpool Pub

Just about any first time dad will make the joke that they wished their new bundle of joy came with an operating manual. Now they really can get their hands on one. Comedian and radio host Steve Bedwell has written an ‘Owner’s Manual’ for expectant fathers (or any pre-existing dad with a well-stocked toolshed and a love of car parts) which covers off blokey topics like pre-delivery inspections, maintenance, taking delivery, ownership, handling and so on. If the soon-to-be dad in your life loves spending hours flicking through motorbike or car manuals and  runs screaming from more traditional touchy-feely pregnancy books – then this is the perfect gift for his first Father’s Day.

RC verdict: A good Father’s Day gift idea. Just make sure you offer him this word of warning upon delivery of present – cranky, leaky and uncooperative newborn units cannot be returned and do not come with a warranty.

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