Behind the scenes at the eHarmony lurve shoot…

Behind the scenes at the eHarmony lurve shoot…
rach and gian

Me and Gian from Wayward Son. Shine shine shine!

Remember when I asked all of you to send in questions for the eHarmony relationships and dating video series I was collaborating on? Well, we shot it a few weeks ago and I just wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes pix from the day with you.

emma and kerri

Kerri and Emma looking hawt.

Boy-oh-boy, you guys came through with some curlies for the panel. We got right into the nitty gritty about everything from how much online stalking of a date is appropriate, to how picky is too picky (if you want your date to own a blue car, your critieria list needs a re-work).

flat hair

Apparently, this is the flat hair holy grail, people. I need to get me a crateful.

We also talked rejection scripts, the best compatibility questions to ask a potential date (although maybe not in the first five minutes), manufacturing spark (can you if it’s not there?), the most important things for longevity in a relationship (my favourite, of course!) and much, much more.

It was quite an eye-opener and great to get so many different perspectives from the panel, who range from being single, divorced, co-habiting, dating, married with kids (all the bases covered there, pretty much).

We could all talk the leg off a chair so it was a blast. I learned so much, including how downright impossible it is to maintain big hair for six hours. Everyone took to calling my hair the ‘flat box’ (I started it, to be fair).

lights camera action

Ignore the cameras, they said. All 567 of them.

the panel

It’s a tea party!

Videos on the way, people – stay tuned!

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