Best of luck to all HSC students!

Best of luck to all HSC students!

Year 12 students all over NSW – and probably Australia, I’m guessing – start four weeks’ worth of HSC exams today. It’s been 20-odd years ( since I did mine, but I’ll never forget the nerve-wracking feeling of that first day. So, to any students reading this: you’ll have heard before that it’s not the blinking be all and end all, and that’s so true. There are a heck of a lot of ways to get where you want to go in life and a huge amountof career pathways you could take. I was shy of the tertiary entrance rank I wanted, yet I still went to uni and still became a journalist. I know others who also took circumvented ways into the careers they now have. It’s just a life stage and a stepping stone and it’s all going to be fine. No matter what. So heads down, bums up and go for it.
Good luck!

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