Blinded by ex sex

Blinded by ex sex

carrieReality Chick, I need your help. I broke up with my ex two months ago. Last week, he texted me to wish me happy birthday and told me he was still thinking about me and we agreed to catch up on sunday. It was a bit weird at first, but with wine helping, we had a good day at the end. We talked a lot and we tried to see what was wrong and I’m kind of still attracted to him, and him me. Shall I add he’s seeing someone else, but can’t commit to her coz of me (so he says).

Anyway he came back to my place, and the rest is history … So now I don’t know, because I know if I ask him to get back together he will in a minute and even told me he had bought a ring! I know he’s not right for me, but he loves me and would do anything for me, I might never meet a guy who really loves me like he does, who knows. But we might end up patching things up and sort things out if I really want things to work out. What’s your advice? Confused chick

When I broke up with my ex – who I knew wasn’t the right one for me at all – I put myself on a strict ‘no-contact’ diet. That meant, no texts, no calls, no IM, no emails. For 60 days. That way, I wouldn’t be tempted to meet up with him, and whoops, accidentally shag him. Oh, yes, even advice columnists have secret ex-sex. It feels great at the time, floods your body with fabulous endorphins and reminds you of all the things you liked about him and how he could always find your hot spots.
But – you must remind yourself of why you broke up with him in the first place – and I assume it was you doing the walking sister. In my book, no amount of ‘well, he really loves me, maybe we can make it work? Wine seems to help and he has a nice ring,’ is enough to patch it up if it just ain’t right. PS: After the 60 no contact period, I’d moved on and so had he. Fancy that.
Love, reality chick

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