Can you please get me a job as a male escort?

Can you please get me a job as a male escort?

I am interested to become a male escort. Can you offer me a position? I am charming 24 years old guy. I have a lot of experience with girls and I can satisfy any kind of a girl. Thank you. John

I dunno where people keep getting the idea that I moonlight as some kind of pimp, but after ignoring a worrying number of letters along the same lines as the one above, I’ve decided it’s probably best to recap what this website is, and what it most definitely is not.

Reality Chick is… an advice column and blog. A website where I, a journalist, answer love life questions and write about dating and relationships and sometimes, interview interesting people like this woman. She DOES happen to use male escorts and good for her. I, however, am not her and if you still think I am I suggest you read the interview again. When you are not drunk or high.

Reality Chick is not… some kind of underground male escort supermarket. Not that I’m saying that would be a bad thing; judging from the tweets and Facebook likes on the article above (and the fact that it was reprinted at The Good Men Project) there is clearly a need for male escorts and I support any woman’s right to use male escorts if she so chooses. I however do not use male escorts, I am happily married, I am super busy with two businesses and starting another enterprise as a madam really does not float my boat in any way shape or form.

If you are a male escort… or are looking to become a male escort please stop asking me if I can hook you up with hot women because I cannot. Here’s an idea, go do some research and phone a few escort agencies in your local area if you are really truly looking for work. Or start your own website like this enterprising guy. Good luck and stop emailing me.

– Rachel

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