Could meditation help you get pregnant? Plus, the winners of our five fertility CDs!

Could meditation help you get pregnant? Plus, the winners of our five fertility CDs!

Anyone who’s ever tried and failed to get up the duff knows that it’s a tricky business. The waiting. The freaking out. More waiting. More freaking out. Is that a conducive, stress-free environment for an egg and sperm to hook up? I think not.

I do know, though, that meditation is one of THE best ways to bust your stress levels. I wish I could say I’m a hippie who likes to start the day at 5am on a coastal headland in the lotus position. I’m not; I like my sleep. But I do LOVE meditation and relaxation. When I do it regularly, I’m like Teflon Girl: nothing bugs me. I just seem to float through life in a serene, joyful state of Zen.

So when psychologist Jacqui Manning’s fertility CD, Planting The Seed… For Conception Joy arrived in the RC Mailbox, I had to give it a crack. Firstly, I love Manning’s voice. It’s gentle and easy to follow. The whole vibe of the CD is also soothing, from the background music to the actual guided meditation, which is specifically tailored towards women trying to get pregnant. It takes you on a journey which starts at the top of a mountain and descends, in a beautifully hypnotic way. At the end, there’s such a sense of calm. Acceptance. A feeling that all is going to be OK.

Also, although it’s designed for wannabe mums, my 60-something neighbour nicked it off me and said she slept better than she ever had after using it and, well, let’s just say I’ve had trouble getting it back ever since.

I asked Manning if any of her clients had had success with the CD in terms of getting pregnant and three are now up the duff. It makes sense. Studies of IVF patients show one in five couples stop the treatment due to emotional stress, rather than financial. Yet, women undergoing IVF who’ve participated in a mind-body stress-relief program with meditation have much, much higher rates of conception. There are so many tools in a woman’s getting-pregnant kit – from thermometers to ovulation sticks to sketchy gizmos you lick and so on. But I really think this CD should be one of them.

pregnant meditation CDPlanting the Seed … For Conception Joy is available here as a downloadable mp3 or hard-copy CD. Each CD includes the actual meditation track, an affirmation track and an instrumental. Prices start at $8.95 for a downloadable MP3, or $15.95 for a hard copy.

Thanks to everyone who shared the most unhelpful advice they received when trying to get up the duff! I’ve just drawn the winners and the lucky readers who’ll be receiving a CD are: Natacha, Falcon Downing, Amanda Ford, Caroline S and Kylie. Congrats! Please get in touch via the Question Box with your full name, address, email address and whether you’d like a MP3 download or a CD.

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  1. Kirsten W 8 years ago

    Maybe your partner has problems in that area. When said to the partner it’s not very helpful!

  2. Falon Downing 8 years ago

    “It will happen when it’s meant to” UGH!

  3. amanda ford 8 years ago

    to put my legs in the air. i did this until i found out that sperm can take up to 2 days to reach the egg! ummm well cant have my legs in the air for that long so unhelpful. true but fustrating was the advice to stop trying cause thats when it happens.

  4. julie ford 8 years ago

    Unhelpful advice is when your child is screaming and people make judgment and comment about their behaviour etc.. its like really ?? your so stressed and they comment ? why ?

  5. Kelly Walter 8 years ago

    Don’t Stress About it if it does happen straight away, Dont let it be the only thing that you think about or you end up a stress pot and being stressed doesn’t help the situation! Just relax and it will happen when its meant to be :o)

  6. Caroline S 8 years ago

    I have had many -get blind rotten drunk (it’ll just happen), stop trying so hard (wth?), have sex on the sand dunes (worked for my two said a co-worker), I just have to look at my husband/partner/random member of the opposite sex (me: that’s nice) some people wouldn’t know tact if it were a 60ft neon sign in the middle of a dark desert.

  7. Kylie 8 years ago

    One of many unhelpful peices of advice given (after many miscarriages) to us was to give up and accept the fact that it’s not going to happen naturally!!!!! (Could have easily slapped some people!!!!)

  8. nuta 8 years ago

    “It will happen if it is God’s will!”- not very encouraging I’m afraid…

  9. Natacha 8 years ago

    The most unhelpful people are the ones that are trying to be kind ‘Just don’t stress or you’ll never fall pregnant’ and my all time favourite “If it’s not meant to be”. Meditation works!!!!

  10. Kim 8 years ago

    The most unhelpful people are those that love to brag about falling pregnant without having to ‘try’ and can’t believe when you tell them you have been trying for several years.

  11. AliBear 8 years ago

    “You’re having sex every day, right? Well, you should be.”
    “Go for a dirty weekend, get drunk and it’ll just happen”
    “Just relax”

  12. Kate 8 years ago

    Worst, most unhelpful thing to say to someone trying to conceive: Just relax and it’ll happen.

  13. rebecca scarinci 8 years ago

    the most unuseful advice I ever received was to eat things that make u have loser bowel movements.because the less u strain the more chance of the baby staying in

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