My boyfriend has daddy fever!

My boyfriend has daddy fever!

have my babies

This is a really weird question, but I need help. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and for the past month, during sex, he’s been saying things like, “Oh, I want you to have my kid” and “I want you to have my children now”. I did wonder if it was his idea of dirty talk (who knows!) but hilarity aside I am a bit concerned. We’re only 23 and have tons of personal goals to achieve. He also knows perfectly well that I don’t want kids.

So what’s going on here? What does he mean by this? Do you think he means it or it’s a heat of the moment thing? Also, how should I bring it up that him saying these things during sex is not turning me on, but actually scaring me!ย Patricia

While I don’t think for a minute that ‘have my babies!’ counts as dirty talk, I think we can safely assume your boyfriend is having some mushy parental urges, Patricia. I know, I know – I too would’ve thought guys of this age would be more into nursing hangovers than rugrats, but studies show it actually isn’t as unusual as you might think. The Guttmacher Institute in the US polled around 1800 twentysomethings a few years ago and found that 53 percent of men (and 52 percent of women) aged 18-29 would have a baby now if the circumstances allowed it. Those numbers aren’t to be sniffed at.

You’re going to need to take this chat out of the bedroom and find out where your guy’s head is at. Because if you don’t want kids and he’s secretly poring over the Babies’R’Us catalogue when you’re not around, you guys have some serious talking to do.

Love, reality chick

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