Do nice guys really finish last?

Do nice guys really finish last?
What is wrong with me? I seem to attract women who either only want to be ‘friends’. I am alright looking, nothing special but I don’t need to hide under a paper bag, I am told that I am quite funny, quite caring and I try to make life as fun as possible. But after a couple of dates I always end up in the same situation, being a shoulder to cry on and bang goes any chance of anything more intimate. Please help me to understand what might be going wrong. Thadeus
Ahh, yes, you’ve heard the old: ‘I really like you, but I think we’d be better off as just friends,’ song and dance more than once…? Having been on the delivering end of a few of these speeches, let me try and shed some light on why this happens. First of all… are you choosing to date the right girls? Or are these women using that funny, caring shoulder of yours because they’re already in love with someone else or recently had their heart broken? Take those girls off your list immediately. Here’s what you should be looking for:
1. She’s obviously attracted to you right from the get-go and wants to pash you every chance she gets.
2. She’s been single for at least six months and is now recovered and really looking for love.
3. She’s calling/emailing and texting you as much as you are her. Don’t scare her off with too much contact or enthusiasm in the early stages.
Also Thad, don’t wait for a couple of dates to make your move. Often waiting can move you into the friend’s zone. Just pounce while the ladies hot! There’s nothing wrong with a first date snog session.
Love, reality chick

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