Dumped for his cheating ex. Now what?

Dumped for his cheating ex. Now what?

Hey reality chick, help! I have just been dumped by a guy for his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him! Should I just let him go, or compete? He is confused, he says. Idiot. InLimbo

Confused AND stupid… he sounds like the catch of the century. I don’t know about you InLimbo, but I don’t have much patience for men who don’t know their own minds. I have even less for men (or women) who think reconciling with a cheater is a smart move. Compete for this indecisive drama queen? Surely you’d rather knit a beanie for every point on the Opera House than waste your precious time. Don’t walk, but RUN out of his life for good so he can grapple with the girl who stabbed him in the heart before, and is probably waiting, stiletto at the ready, to do it again. Odds are he’ll be on the phone to you before the month is out, but if I were you, I’d block his number and go celebrate your lucky escape from their twisted little love triangle. It sounds cliched, but you DO deserve better.
Love, reality chick

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  1. Author
    reality chick 8 years ago

    Hear hear. I hope you’ve started knitting that beanie 🙂

  2. Tilda 8 years ago

    Oh InLimbo! Why would you beg for the attention of a guy who can’t decide if he wants to be with you?!? You should be with somone who would choose you, every time, in a heartbeat, without question. Be his number one, not his fall-back option.

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