Flea pits or four star?

Flea pits or four star?

My boyfriend and I are going for a rare weekend away soon. He always insists on choosing and booking the accommodation, and prides himself on getting us ‘the best bargains’ – which invariably means a 70s-style holiday cabin right next to the loo block, or a dodgy motel with bed-bugs. 

He doesn’t seem to notice or actually care about our less than salubrious surroundings – if it’s cheap, he’s happy, but the thought of staying in yet another fleapit makes me want to scrap the whole idea of ‘getting away’, if you know what I mean. Help! Andrea

Some would say it all depends on your perspective (ie, weekend away versus no weekend away) but I’m with you on this one, Andrea. Floral sheets, laminate floors and a room next to the communal loo block are not conducive to romance if you’re the kind of gal who appreciates aesthetically-pleasing surroundings. Ditto bed-bugs. So this time, get in first on the bed-booking front – before he has a chance to log onto bargainfleapits.com. If he gets shirty, act innocent and say sweetly that you just wanted to give him a break from doing all the holiday leg-work. It’s a win-win.

Love, reality chick

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