Who won the We-Vibe 4?

Who won the We-Vibe 4?


Thanks to We-Vibe, our grand prize draw winner is Cian! Congrats, you’ve won a We Vibe 4 worth $199! 

The We-Vibe 3 review we ever did at Reality Chick got so much traffic it blew even US away – and so we were happy to take the latest incarnation of this popular vibe for a test drive. Firstly, it’s clear the makers have done a LOT of research on fixing some of the issues vibe lovers had with 3 – the latest is a seriously sexy and much more user-friendly piece of kit.

It’s quite a bit smaller than the We-Vibe 3 (a good thing!). It also has more of a natural curve to it, so it fits the body better and takes up less room inside you, which makes it easier to use during sex. That said, it’s pretty spesh for a solo session too – just sayin’.

The other great thing about the We-Vibe 4 is its silky new medical-grade silicone material – a much nicer, smoother finish than the We-Vibe 3, and still waterproof for shower nooky fans. It comes with the same, discreet case which doubles as a charger, an instruction manual and a remote control – although be warned, the buzz is strong with this one  (6 vibration modes and 10 levels of intensity including the new ‘echo vibe’ – an external/internal stimulation setting). Give the remote to your partner to operate at your own risk. Ha!

To enter, we asked you… To tell us the most memorable place you’ve ever done the deed. Interesting stories, guys!

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  1. Eric 6 years ago

    The middle of the woods in the UP.

  2. Amie 6 years ago

    Hmm… Probably the time we did it on a little gravel track that we found off the road at night, which turned out to be someone’s driveway!!

  3. Lulu 6 years ago

    My dad’s boat, after nicking the keys and rowing out in the dead of night with my high school boyfriend.

  4. Sean 6 years ago

    My wife had always wanted to go to an adult shop but was pretty nervous about it. We both went out for lunch and I organised for us to go to a bar restaurant close to one. We had a few drinks and decided to drop into this particular place and upon going in we found the guy behind the counter to be really easy going which relaxed her a lot. He showed us around and we ended up getting a couple of items. We then asked to see one of the booths that they use for viewing videos etc. He left us to our own devices and within a short time it was all happening. We even got a cheeky ‘Come again’ and a laugh from him as we left!!, Awesome.

  5. Cian 6 years ago

    The place was rather boring – being my teenage bedroom, but what made it most memorable was losing my virginity while skipping school and having my mother come home from work early and walking in on us. Never again was it done in that bedroom!!!!

  6. Honeylingus 6 years ago

    Tractor fun anyone?
    I went to visit my (now) husband at his parents’ farm and we were made to stay in separate rooms. We were desperate to jump each other, so we went for a long evening “walk” and decided the cab of the tractor looked good (no – I made sure he wasn’t driving anything but me!). At least we could be fairly sure there’d be no snakes in there (ahem – other than the obvious one).

  7. Sarah 6 years ago

    On a rocky river bank one New Years Eve while camping with friends….I woke up the next morning with very bruised knees, but it was totally worth it 🙂

  8. Eric 6 years ago

    In a hammock, in Playa De Carmem Mexico on the Rivera Maya!

  9. Melissa 6 years ago

    Our honeymoon in Maui on the beach was my most memorable place. A romantic, very sandy filled evening.

  10. Clare Miller 6 years ago

    In a tent at a music festival, it’s not that exotic I guess, except we left a light on which meant our antics were projected onto the walls of the tent for the entertainment of all our neighbours, it’s memorable because my friends will never let me forget it !

  11. Gerard V 6 years ago

    Most memorable and funniest, was in Sherwood Forest park in brisbane, we were behind a large gum tree and had a river view. We were totally naked and going at it when we heard whistles and clapping. When we looked about to see where it came from we saw a boat full of people enjoying the show. This is when my partner jumped off me and grabbed the clothes and ran for cover, leaving me laying there with my erection for all to see as she took my clothes also. I never have forgotten it and still laugh about it now. But we have never done it in a park since.

  12. Elle 6 years ago

    On the kitchen table… with Andrew.

  13. Lauren Dean 6 years ago

    Salt Water Hot Pools, was quite discreet until an old lady happened to be swimming under water with goggles on. That was the end of that 🙂

  14. chris 6 years ago

    On a rather high rock ledge overlooking the beach, just out of view of everyone 😛

  15. Tara N 6 years ago

    On the beach – it’s true, sand does get everywhere!

  16. Andrew 6 years ago

    On the kitchen table; my girlfriend was so delicious that evening that I came twice in one sitting.

  17. Cyndie 6 years ago

    In a vineyard, in the south of France. No joke!

  18. Lisa Jene 6 years ago

    We got all hot and sweaty in a public sauna. The cool-down shower was also rather special 🙂

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