Got a wish, a dream, a goal? Pop it on RC’s Magic Wish List!

Got a wish, a dream, a goal? Pop it on RC’s Magic Wish List!

Wish lists are powerful things, as we at RC HQ know all too well. In fact, I’ve got an old blackboard in my kitchen that’s well known among my friends and family as the Magic Wish List. Most people who visit end up grabbing some chalk and scribbling down something they’d like to happen in their lives. Right now, there are wishes on this blackboard from about twenty people. One says, ‘to get pregnant by April’. Another, ‘to pass my driving test’. A third wishes to ‘meet a sane, hot man’, a fourth wants ‘to find a house on the Northern Beaches’ and a fifth has simply scrawled, ‘Amalfi Coast’. Once we visualise something, write it down, we put it out there. Some call it cosmic ordering – asking the universe, or whatever you believe in, to give you a helping hand. Others believe writing goals down inspires us to really make it happen. The funny thing is, the goals and wishes scribbled on RC’s kitchen blackboard have often come true.  We’ve had book deals, babies, engagements, dream holidays, long-standing professional goals and more all come to fruition. It’s a bit of fun, but it also seems to work! So we’re starting our own magic wish list at RC HQ. All you have to do is write down your wish, your goal, your desire in the comments below. Put it out there. And if it comes true, please come back and hit ‘reply’ under your comment to give us an update!

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  1. Laura 8 years ago

    Hello universe, please allow me to meet a beautiful, kind, understanding and funny man- who I will allow myself to fall in love with, with him loving me right back. And please let us have healthy children together too!

  2. kiera 8 years ago

    To get a good job i enjoy

  3. Ann 8 years ago

    Simple : A laptop that has a built in webcam and mic so I can skype with my long distance bf every single day. We are thousand miles apart and this helps us a lot. I dont have enough money to buy a laptop.

  4. Lola 8 years ago

    Staying in the beautiful relationship I’m in, which was so hard to achieve and so wonderful to enjoy on a day-to-day basis. Publishing my first novel soon. Sorting out my financial mess and starting 2013 with a clean slate.

  5. winter 8 years ago

    to move out of this hellhole of a town and into a house of our own in the country. Also to get unwanted people out of our lives forever. And get the car fixed. And lose all this excess weight i’ve put on in the last few months (stress related). And finally, to have no more shoulder pain!!

    Surely i can achieve one of those (fingers crossed)

  6. Kitty 8 years ago

    One more: a dedicated writing space with a big desk, lots of shelves for books and a view of something pretty

  7. Adam's Girl 8 years ago

    To lose 15 kilos before my wedding in December

  8. Kitty 8 years ago

    To buy a house near the beach!

  9. Katy 8 years ago

    To find a job I love when I graduate at the end of the year!

  10. Annabel 8 years ago

    My wish is to stop being in a long-distance relationship and for my boyfriend to take the plunge and move to my city. He’s been talking about it for ages, but hasn’t made the move yet…

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