GUEST POST: Does your relationship need a digital detox?

GUEST POST: Does your relationship need a digital detox?

Today’s post is brought to you by Lovestruck’s Sarah Fanning.

Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Studies show that Aussies spend more time on social networks than any other country. Facebook alone is spawning an addiction epidemic, with research showing that it hits up the pleasure centres in your brain much like drugs or sex. Sure, gadgets such as ipads or smartphones promise us instant connection and interaction, but such tools can destroy a relationship as surely as a nasty future mother-in-law. Beware the five relationship traps that come bundled with your new toy.

1. “We’ll celebrate your promotion as soon as I’ve sent this tweet”
Few relationships can withstand extended periods of absence – even when the offender is in the same room. If you aren’t looking at or conversing with your partner, your body might be in the same room, but you might as well be tending sheep in Lithuania.

2. “Cheating? Nah. It’s just a little digital fun”
Flirting on Facebook – or sending a flirty text to a former ex – may give you a buzz, and some might say it isn’t really cheating if it doesn’t involve actual physical contact. We reckon if you wouldn’t do it with your partner looking over your shoulder, that’s an indication that you probably shouldn’t be doing it at all.

3. “Let me just erase that search engine history…”
Google, Yahoo and every other search site on the net allow you to erase the list of places you have been to. You can also browse privately so no one can see that you’re interested in Big Bosom Blondes or Hunks Without Mates. But if your search history shows only a few sites after you’re spent hours at the computer, your S.O. will suspect you’ve got something to hide. Bottom line? Secrets kill relationships.

4. “Strangers know me better than my partner does”
Do you happily share stuff with strangers before you share it with your partner? Or worse, do you cultivate a far more intimate world online than the one you have with your partner? That’s kinda sad – and a sign that you guys need to talk about oversharing and boundaries when it comes to social media, as well as learning to communicate better with one another.

5. “Leave home without my phone? Are you insane?”
We know it sounds radical. But if your relationship needs a digital detox you need to break that ’emotional tethering’ you have with your phone, iPad and other devices. Not all the time, but striving for a bit more balance is key. Take time to talk and get close again, go out together without your phones, instigate a no-phones rule in the bedroom at night. Most importantly, share your status with the one you love – not with people who don’t matter as much.


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