Should I ask my hairy new boyfriend to hit the wax pot?

Should I ask my hairy new boyfriend to hit the wax pot?

I‘ve met a handsome, funny guy through a mutual friend. We are both in our early thirties and ready for a long term relationship – about time! Only snag is, we recently went to the beach and stripped down to our swimmers. We’ve yet to have sex, so I was shocked to discover my new man is covered in hair!

I’m not just talking a small patch here and there. His neck, back, shoulders, chest, arms…everywhere is covered by a fuzzy black jungle. He looks like a yeti! Should I ask him to shave? Or wax? Or just get over it? Help! I’m not sure I’m attracted to him anymore. Laser Lover

While it’s lovely to run your fingers through a manageable patch of chest grass, I suspect few women would want to get lost in an all-over Amazonian jungle. But, body hair is a tricky one, whether he’s asking you to shave your welcome mat or you’re unable to get excited about a guy who looks like a Yeti. It’s one of those relationship conversations no one really wants to have and how far you go on de-fuzzing for your partner’s pleasure is really down to the individual.

I’d chat to him about it and (nicely) see if he’s open to doing a little waxing or weed whacker maintenance (he might not even realise it’s an issue). If he’s not keen, you’re stuck – and yeah, you either need to get over it and love him for his other amazing qualities, or move on.

Love, reality chick

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  1. Anonymous 12 years ago

    I guess it does come down to what you find attractive but I have to say that while Laser Lover might not be into hirsute blokes, there are others (like myself) who are dead against the hairless prepubescent boy look. Give me the fuzz anyday! If LL doesn't dig the bear look her boyfriend's got going on – and the benefits, like the fact he can keep her warm on chilly nights – I'm sure there are others out there who would!

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