Handmade Wedding

Handmade Wedding

Over forty gorgeous projects to help you style your wedding your way
Penguin| $35.00

My toddler and I have sat down to leaf through this delectable book a dozen times since it arrived for review. She likes the photos of cake loaded with icing and I like the crafty creations I will never make, but are so pretty to look at. If you’re a knitter, sewer, baker type who has a wedding in store (or someone else’s) you will delight at all the ideas that you can bring to life: Fabric envelopes, a hot air balloon ‘save the date’ kit, thank you cards, flower- girl hair clips and cupcake toppers. All whimsical, offbeat and pretty. If, like my toddler, you aren’t allowed to handle scissors without adult supervision and you tend to get glue in your hair when sticking things on – you’ll struggle with even the simple concepts in this book.

RC Verdict: Lust worthy craft porn – those inclined to DIY cards and crafts with a wedding in mind, will adore it. To buy, click here – you can get free shipping AND you’ll be supporting RC. Thanks so much!

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