He loves me… already?

He loves me… already?
I’m seeing a new guy and he’s hot. He’s sweet to me, funny, great in bed and always making me feel like a total princess. But the other day, on our one-month anniversary, he told me he loves me. Way too early in my book. What do I do? Help!
Let me see if I understand you correctly: your guy is hot. He’s sweet. He’s great at the horizontal chacha, treats you like royalty and makes you laugh. His one flaw, as you see it, is that he loves you. Riiight. You may have to excuse the singletons reading this while they take a break to go and toss their cookies with envy. Here’s the thing, freaky girl. While love can be a bit of a numbers game (particularly late on a Friday at the Hollywood Hotel), wouldn’t you agree that it’s a sort of deranged sabotage to use maths to set relationship milestones? Well, it is. Don’t debate it. Don’t worry over it. Don’t convince yourself it’s too soon or wait the obligatory six months before saying the L word back to a boy so smitten with you he’d bang up a picket fence before you had time to even hand him the hammer. Live a little! Get drunk on a school night! Play poker in your undies! And grab your hot, sweet, sexy, funny, mad-about-you guy, wrap your arms around him and thank the Dating Gods upstairs for your incredibly insane luck. Unless, of course, you’re just not into him, in which case end it now, and set him free so someone else can snap him up.
Love, reality chick

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