Heartbroken widower missed his wife, so he did this

Heartbroken widower missed his wife, so he did this

A heartbroken widower missed his wife, so he did this...

One of my dear friends lost her husband several years ago due to an ongoing medical condition and she has done so many things to remember him by, and to ensure their son remembers him and honours him. I’m reminded a lot that while life goes on for everyone around them, they live with missing him every day, and even if the feeling isn’t so raw as time goes on, it probably never goes away completely. After all, when you lose someone you really love, you’d do anything to keep their memory alive – wouldn’t you?

That was the case for widower Winston Howe, too. Winston was reportedly heartbroken when his wife Janet died 17 years ago from heart failure. They’d been married 33 years, and were inseparable. He wanted to do something to remember her by, so he planted thousands and thousands of saplings in a 6-acre field in the shape of a heart. Over the years, they grew and grew and the field and its distinctive heart was recently discovered by a man in a hot air balloon who floated over the field and photographed it.

Apparently Winston still goes and sits in the heart-shaped field occasionally to remember his beloved Janet. More photos and the full story here.

Is that just the most beautiful thing ever, or what?

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