He’s mean with money!

He’s mean with money!

I‘m dating a guy I met online. He seems really nice and we have a lot in common – but he is unbelievably tight. Everything is split. Even the first time he asked me out for coffee, he went up and paid for his while I was in the loo, then told me to take care of my half of the bill when I returned. Is this a deal-breaker? Sue

He paid half of a $6 bill while you were in the loo? He probably goes through restaurant bills with a highlighter. No joke, I’ve heard stories about tightwads who split supermarket dockets with their live-in girlfriend by totting up his-and-her items to the last cent. I also knew a husband who kept an itemised You-Owe-Me list on the fridge to keep track of every dollar he loaned his wife. I’m not saying guys should pay for everything when you’re dating – far from it. But similar values are essential and you sound poles apart.
Love, reality chick

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  1. Unsavvy Dater 11 years ago

    OMG Tightarse= Ditch his arse! Seriously what is the point in being with someone who doesn’t think you are amazing enough to buy you a coffee? I firmly believe and have seen it work that when a guy values a woman, he’s more than happy, but excited to take her out on a date. Once you’ve been together for a while you can pay for some of the dates and eventually you can figure out the appropriate who does what, once you are in a relationship. But on a coffee date? He’s a loser! Nearly as bad as the guy who puts your hand on his willy after your 1st kiss thinking somehow, you have no idea?!?!!

    Who raised these neanderthals? The simple answer is always the right answer, if it doesn’t ‘sit right’ in your gut……….it’s not!

    Next……………… 🙂

  2. Max 11 years ago

    He’s a total tosser and an embarrassment to the species. My only theory is that he’s dated one too many Sydney ‘princesses’ and has now gone to the other extreme. After all many of my mates always go on about how they date women who never get their wallet out!

  3. Kstar 11 years ago

    To quote the great Liz Lemon, “Deal Breaker!”

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