How do I flick my office fling?

How do I flick my office fling?
Recently, I had a short-lived fling with an already-attached work colleague. It was fun for a while, but I eventually started feeling guilty and then a few months ago I met someone single I really liked and started seeing him seriously. The problem is, my fling from the office is still flirting with me and asking me to meet up with him, even though I’ve made it clear I’ve moved on. What should I do? One’s Enough
Dear One’s Enough. Sure, you had some after hours’ fun with a workmate, but that doesn’t mean you promised this guy anything more than that. And seeing as he’s already spoken for, how dare he try to stop you moving on with your new bloke? You’ve made it clear you’re a one-man kind of girl, so he should respect that and move along. You need to be ultra firm here. Don’t meet up with him alone, don’t allow any sort of flirting or touching and, if you really want it to end, tell him you will lodge a formal complaint if he doesn’t cease and desist. Any chance you might be able to get a new job? That might help too!
Love, reality chick

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