Advice on dealing with a flirty neighbour?

Advice on dealing with a flirty neighbour?

I’m happily married with two little kids, and once offered to set up my single, male neighbour – a gesture that has backfired. He ignores my husband and usually, any reference to him. Instead, he flirts and makes suggestive comments about how I must have noticed when he was home – I’m not sure how to handle it. Jane

Jane, this dude thinks you’re a hot mama. Forget setting him up; it sounds like he’d like to bother you for way more than a cup of sugar. If he makes you uncomfortable, cut down the contact. Be very busy at all times. Wave but don’t engage. Oh, and never underestimate the power of a pooey nappy – yelling out that your baby’s just done an almighty Number Two when the neighbour’s making a beeline for your letterbox is sure to stop him dead in his tracks. Well, you’d hope.
Love, reality chick

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