I got sick, he bailed. Second chance?

I got sick, he bailed. Second chance?

I had glandular fever for two months last year and my boyfriend of three years basically did a runner. He phoned me a couple of times, but that was it. Now I’m up and about again, he’s calling and trying to reconnect. I still love him, but I’m wary about giving him another chance. Should I? Jane

Yeah, why not? He’s clearly got great staying power as a partner, and would be firmly glued to your side while you weathered life’s more pleasant curve balls – such as job losses, financial strain, sick or screaming children, aging parents and more serious health scares than glandular fever. Or not. Three years is a long time to date anyone without seeing their true colours, but he bailed when you needed him most, Jane. It’s time to tell Fair Weather Boyfriend to take a hike.

Love, reality chick

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  1. Bron 11 years ago

    You got sick, he ran – don’t let him back into your life. He is a waste of your time. Go out and find a keeper.

  2. LS 11 years ago

    TOTAL dealbreaker. She should definitely kick him to the kerb! Thank god my husband’s got the chicken soup and tissue thing sorted…….

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