Who spends THREE years pootling along in a happy, committed relationship without once saying the words ‘I love you’ to their partner? Really, who? Clearly some people, because that’s the premise of this Aussie rom com, penned by comedian Peter Helliar. It’s all about Jim (Brendan Cowell), a thirtysomething who forgot to grow up (much like his best mate, played also by Hellier). His girlfriend Alice (Yvonne Baranski) has obviously put up with a great deal over the duration of their relationship – not least that Jim drives a minature train for a living and has no intention of moving out of the dodgy granny flat at the bottom of his sister’s garden. But on the night of Jim’s birthday, Alice has had it, and his boyfriend shortcomings are about to bite him on the bum. Out at dinner, Alice announces to Jim that she loves him, and waits for his reply. But when all he can say is that he’s ‘so into her’, Alice doesn’t wait around for dessert.
Out in the cold like the dropkick he knows he is, Jim behaves accordingly; drinking copiously, hitting a club and eventually attempting to steal a car obviously modified for a vertically challenged person. But it’s not until morning, when the car’s owner (Peter Dinklage) takes pity on Jim, that he starts to realise it might be time for a crash course in love … and life as an adult.

RC verdict: Fitfully funny and good clean fun overall, if Jim’s eye-rolling immaturity doesn’t do your head in.

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