I took wedding ring off, wife’s mad

I took wedding ring off, wife’s mad

I’ve been happily married for eight years, and I love my wife, but I’ve got a lot of single mates who love going out on the pull. We go out every weekend, often both nights, and my mates always get me to take my wedding ring off when I’m out with them.

It doesn’t mean anything and it’s not because I plan to do anything, just because my mates think they’ll have a better chance of getting laid if we all look like we’re single. But one of my wife’s friends saw me in a bar recently without my wedding ring and told my wife and she’s so mad, I don’t know what to do. Scott

Funny that. Nothing like hearing that your hubby likes to pretend he’s single when he’s out with the guys. Especially when he’s out with the guys most of every weekend. Forgetting the ring situation for a moment, don’t husbands who are happily married and love their wives want to hang out with them on weekends? At least occasionally?

Maybe you and your wife are super-independent and trust each other implicitly and like to spend weekends catching up with your own mates. If that works for you, great. But you’re not exactly just hanging out with your mates having a few innocent beers, are you? You’re helping them get laid – which involves removing your wedding ring, playing wingman and, no doubt, chatting up groups of girls who believe, for all intents and purposes, that you’re single, too. Clearly this doesn’t evoke any guilt for you, which is a problem, regardless of whether you’re planning to act on your newfound fake single status or not.

I could be wrong, Scott, but I reckon you’re probably more confused than me or your wife about all this. What can you do? Maybe start by figuring out whether you’re as happily married as you make out, and whether your priorities are your wife and your marriage – or the mates who insist you pretend to be single just so they can get a shag on a regular basis.

Love, reality chick

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