If a dead bird falls out of the sky, is that luck?

If a dead bird falls out of the sky, is that luck?

dead bird

My question is kind of to do with Chicks! As in birds!!! People say if a bird poos on you it is good luck! But what if a bird falls from the sky and lands on your patio and dies? Is this good luck, bad luck, extra luck or no bloody luck at all??? 🙂 Louise

Avery good question, Louise. I’m no bird expert, but I do think you were mighty lucky you weren’t hanging out the washing at the time. And after this year’s magpie season, I think it’s extra lucky that the bird in question was, well, dead. I’m still traumatised from my recent encounters with an angry bird in Camperdown, who decided to dive bomb me whenever I was in her territory. Apparently magpies have good memories and once they decide they hate you, the relationship is over.

My solution for you, Louise, is to devote some time to making one of those ice cream container helmets you can wear in the garden in case it turns out this isn’t a one off and your home is in the path of some freaky bird pathogen. Maybe we can have an ice cream helmet making day together. I’ve heard they confuse the hell out of crazy magpies and come next season, my Camperdown friend is going down.

Love, reality chick

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  1. Kimberly 3 years ago

    So are black birds good or bad luck. Yesterday I got into a really bad situation and on my way home a blackbird falls in front of me dead, I heard it’s a good msg??

  2. Darling lowe 3 years ago

    A bird dropped from the sky still alive right beside me

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