I’m married and I have the hots for a Frenchman

I’m married and I have the hots for a Frenchman
I'm married and I have the hots for a Frenchman

I'm married and I have the hots for a Frenchman

Almost a month ago, I met this French guy who was showing some interest in me even though he knew I’m married. He told me that he’s going back to France for good in 2 weeks so I decided to ask him out for lunch.

We had a nice talk and he even paid for my lunch. On away back to office, he asked me if he can kiss me so I said yes. We knew that it’s nothing serious since we can’t really do anything more. Before he left, we had the last lunch date and there was major chemistry. He said he’ll keep in touch. Now he’s gone and my feeling started to grow more… I waited for his email until he got settled and he emailed me telling me he misses me but when I replied to him he avoids my questions and I found myself bombing him with email around Christmas.

When I sent the last email, he didn’t reply. I know he broke up with someone about 10 months ago and I don’t know if I’m just his rebound even he said he really likes me. Should I stop emailing and forget about him? I’m just stuck wondering what’s going on and it’s driving me nuts. Can you help me? Pia

Not sure if your letter is a fake or not, but what the hell – I have a spare 2 minutes. Clearly you don’t subscribe to my philosophy of not doing sketchy things if you wouldn’t do them in front of your partner so I’m going to spell it out for you Pia: STOP EMAIL-STALKING THE FRENCH GUY. Talk to your husband if you’re not happy in your marriage or, here’s a thought, redirect all the energy you’re spending on this guy into making your marriage better. And if you keep getting the urge to have lunch with / kiss random Europeans on a regular basis, its really very simple – you could a) negotiate opening up your marriage, if your husband’s into it or b) figure out if you should be married at all.

Love, reality chick

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