I’m pregnant and I found my husband’s condom stash, too…

I’m pregnant and I found my husband’s condom stash, too…

I found condoms in the bathroom that my husband was hiding. I confronted him and he says they’re for us in case we need them. We haven’t used condoms ever and I’m pretty sure one is missing. I don’t know what to think. We have a little girl and I just found out I’m pregnant again. Please help – is he cheating? Chulita

Another day, another condom-hiding hubby. For some people, hiding condoms where your spouse is sure to find them – like your pants, before throwing them in the laundry basket, or THE BATHROOM – would qualify for a Darwin Award. I mean, how dumb does he think you are? You’re pregnant and he’s buying condoms ‘in case’ you guys might need them? Don’t even think about eating that bullshit sandwich.

My instincts are that he’s up to no good. Or planning to be, because if one condom is missing and it’s not languishing in his wallet waiting for an opportune moment (read: willing woman other than your fine self) he’s possibly already been there, done that, I’m sorry to say. Whether he’ll admit the truth either way is another matter, though.

What to do, considering you have one young child and another on the way, depends entirely on whether you can get past it, or whether it’s a dealbreaker – despite the pain and devastation and financial stress and everything else that comes with a split of this magnitude. Some experts say you can rebuild trust. I’m no expert but I think try to fix a relationship after betrayal is like trying to build a deck of cards on the roof of a moving car. Because love is about caring for someone and having the respect to talk about issues you’re not happy with. Love doesn’t need to go buy condoms and hide them in the ensuite for a shifty little assignation on the side when your pregnant wife’s not looking. Bottom line? You need more information – hopefully from him, but if not from a bit more detective work of your own so you’re in a position to make a decision you’ll be satisfied with long-term. I wish you all the best figuring this out.

Love, reality chick

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  1. joker 8 years ago

    Jennifer and condom? LOL. With all her ass? ;>

  2. polkadot 9 years ago

    Um … why would he use one while masturbating? Seems strange to me…

  3. Condoms 10 years ago

    its a tough one. I think the issue here is that you never use them, if you never use them why would you buy them. But once again there are children invovled , you need to have a serious chat with him, otherwise you will always suspect him and would stress you out.

    As reality chick suggest, do some more digging, if he is stupid enough to hide the condoms in the bathroom, there might be more clue. But be prepared, if you do find something.

    Good Luck

  4. CdnGuy 10 years ago

    or maybe he’s telling the truth and used one while masturbating but is afraid to admit he masturbates for fear of making you feel that he’s doing it because you’re pregnant

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