Interview with celebrity palm-reader Susan Taylor

Interview with celebrity palm-reader Susan Taylor

What do your hands say about you? If you believe the hype, everything shows up in those little lines on our palms, including the type of person we’ll marry, how many kids we’ll have and when we’ll die. Our hands can also reveal everything from infidelity and miscarriages to mental illness, according to celebrity palmist Susan Taylor. We interviewed Susan for NW Magazine this week, and below is more of our fascinating interview, plus a chance to win one of three palm-reads.

What can our palms reveal about our love lives? You can completely, down to a narrow fine point, tell how compatible two people are from their hands. I believe people should pick their partners by their palms. If you were to send me a photo of a guy and a girl’s hand I could tell you exactly how compatible they are, who wants sex more than the other, if one’s kinkier than the other, whatever the case may be – absolutely. You can see on the palm the type of person that you’ll marry. You can tell what type of lover a person is, and what type of person they are [generally]– someone might be pedantic about certain aspects of life, career oriented, not very interested in intimate or physical relationships. Others might have a large full mound of venus and very over-zealous mark on their hand they’re the type of person who wants to impregnate the herd, if you know what I mean!

Does that mean you can see in the palms if someone is unfaithful? Yes. I won’t read with couples in the room together and the reason is, if infidelity and indiscretion comes up on one of their palms and the other person isn’t aware of it that can be an issue, so I always read for couples separately. I will mention likelihoods and possibilities, so if someone’s happily married and I see it will end, I will say something like, ‘This is not likely to be your last relationship; there will be another relationship following this’. I will also tell people if they’ll outlive their partner or if their partner will outlive them because that is also a mark that is in your hand.

What proportion of people come to you for love advice? I would say a good 50 percent are wondering about relationships and what’s likely to come up in the future regarding relationships. I get a lot of people on the point of separating who don’t know what to do. I will give them the likely outcomes of what’ll happen.

Have you ever had someone come back to you and say they followed your advice and it ruined their life? Well, I never tell people what to do. So, that’s something that’s quite relevant to me. I tell them what i can see has transpired already, what will be the path ahead of them, and this, this and this is going to occur if you continue on that path. It’s up to you whether you follow that path or not and this is where free will comes in. I can tell you what will occur in terms of the path you’re on but you can choose whether or not to keep following that path. The other day I read for a woman I hadn’t met before and I told her, ‘You’re having an affair with a man in your office’. And she was absolutely blown away. She said, ‘I can’t believe you know that. How can you know that?’ I said, ‘I’m not judging you darling, that’s not my business, I’m just telling you what I see, and what I’m telling you is that it’s all going to come out in the wash and there’ll be a big drama’. So now she can make an informed choice about what she does in regards to that particularly incident and the unfolding of that event.

So, you believe in a mixture of free will and destiny? I do think there’s a mixture. If you’re right handed, your left hand has your destiny in it – all the information you were born with, your talents, your challenges, your genetic inheritances, your siblings, your parents, your grandparents, the lessons your soul came to learn in this lifetime. Your right hand is your fate hand. Now, fate means we live by our choices on a day to day basis. The choices we make, we live with the repercussions of those choices. That’s where fate and free will comes in. Your soul will still learn the lessons it needs to learn but what you get to choose is whether you’ll learn them the hard way or the easy way. Unfortunately there’s no guide book!

What can you see about children, future children, in the palms? I’ve read for people who’ve been struggling for children and you’ll get very clear marks that they need say Chinese medicine or reflexology for assistance in [conceiving] and I’ve also seen people who think they’re not going to have a child and you can see much later on in their life they’re likely to have a surprise pregnancy. Twins also show up in a hand, as do terminations. If a person terminated a pregnancy, I can see if it was a boy or girl or twins. I tell you another interesting fact – terminations show up in the child lines on the percussion of the palm and in the head line, because it was a decision. Miscarriages show up in the percussion of the palm, the heart line and the life line because it passes as a death. One was a conscious choice and one wasn’t and they show up differently in the palm.

Do kids show up in both parents’ hands or just the mother’s? Miscarriages, pregnancies etc, show up not only in the woman’s hand but also in the man’s. I recently read for a man who had three children ‘marks’ on his hand – one was very faint and two were very deep. I said, ‘There have been three pregnancies but you have two children’. He said, ‘No, you’re wrong’, and I said, ‘No I’m not. You have two children and a mistress who was definitely pregnant and terminated’ and he sort of scoffed at me then said, ‘So what! So what if I did!’ He was so annoyed, but it was true!

You’ve got four children. Have you hesitated to read their palms? I have read for them. My second child, my daughter, will pass away in a car accident at 65 before I do. I know it and she knows it. My kids are very open to accepting what I do and what I see. And what it does do is make you appreciate the time you have got rather than squandering it.

Do you contact people who have passed over? Yes. I do psychic work as well and I do channelling. Spirits will often show me images of certain parts of their body, how they died. I read for a woman a little while ago who wanted to speak to someone who passed over. She gave me the name. I channelled and said, ‘It’s a gentleman. He was 42 when he passed over. He’s showing me his stomach, he died of liver cancer. And he’s showing me a very large blue car’. And she said, ‘You’re right, he was 42 and he did die of liver cancer and the large blue car was a Chevrolet Impala he was restoring when he died’. And I said to her, ‘This means nothing to me but he’s telling me to tell you, ‘Showdown at the OK corral’.’ It sounds really funny when you say it out loud because it means nothing to me but when I said it she burst into years and said, ‘That is a completely private joke between us. There is no way you could know that’. I’d never met this woman before in my life. But when you’re getting specifics about age and illnesses and hobbies and illnesses and private jokes – it can be a very precise thing.

What else shows up in the hands? Sometimes, you’ll meet a person who has almost identical palms and they’re very much on the path they want to be on, very much a product of their upbringing. Other times – it’s not a good or bad thing if they’re different, but sometimes you’ll see that people have been given enormous challenges and they’ve found fabulous ways to overcome them. You’ll see [in the palms] that people have been given amazing musical talents and things but they’ve chosen not to use them. The other things that show up in hands all the time are genetic things for suicide, mental illness and depression. Attempted suicide shows up in the hands and attempted suicide of a family member. People are often very surprised when I pick up on depression or suicide. I may say, ‘I see you have someone in your close family circle who attempted to commit suicide but did not succeed’ and they’ll say, ‘OMG you’re right’. Or I’ll say, ‘I see there has in fact been a suicide.”

Do you reveal everything? I always ask if the person wants to know everything. Some people only want to know the good stuff! That’s their choice and I respect that free will. But you can always look into the past. Everything that’s happened in the past will show up in your hand because we feel our way through life. I will be honest, because I see into people’s hearts through their hand, I have tissues. I make lots of people cry. But they still like me. I have a lot of people hugging and kissing me when they leave and a lot of people come back within a few weeks.

What if you see that someone is going to die? If I look into someone’s hand and see that they’re going to pass in the next few years, I try to encourage them to not sweat the little things and make some memories. If someone’s going to live a long life and they really want to know I’ll tell them. But I will use my judgement and withhold knowledge sometimes; I have to.

How hard is it to live with that kind of knowledge? I have felt like the angel of death occasionally. Last year, I went to Katherine to visit my girlfriend and her extremely unhealthy, junk food-eating, Pepsi-drinking, smoking husband. He was 39 and I was there in July. I had looked at his hand before and I did so this time and I said on this occasion, ‘If you don’t stop, Jason, and I mean really stop now, you are not going to make forty.’ He was going to turn 40 that coming September. I knew the chances of altering his path were really slim, really nonexistent – but you try. I left there and two weeks later he was dead. I flew back to perform the funeral. And yes, he didn’t make 40. And, my own nephew, I saw in his palm that he was going to die between the ages of 12-13 and there’s nothing you can do to intervene with that. And he did die, he burnt to death in the Grampian fires with his dad, in the car. I saw that the death would be a violent death and receive media attention; there’s always a mark on someone’s hands if they are going to receive notoriety through their death and that mark was on his hands. Which of course it was because it was all over the papers and the news.

Did you tell his parents what you saw in his palm? I did not do that [at the time of the reading]. It was a full reading on his palm print, you know the ones little kids do at kindy? What you can clearly see – that palm print was taken at age 4 – there was an absence of relationship lines and child lines because he would never reach an age where those relationships occurred. I’ve discussed it with his mother since and she’s writing a healing diary for parents who’ve lost children. It’s a very different experience of grief to lose a child compared to losing a parent or a sibling.

What kind of high profile people have you read for? I can’t reveal names, but I’ve read for high profile footballers and their girlfriends. I’ve read for heads of TV networks, and lots of models, TV presenters and a stable of actors. Quite a few are cynical beforehand, but a number come back 6-8 weeks later and say that everything I told them was accurate.

How have your skills evolved over the years? I’ve had [this gift] for a very long time but I think wisdom and age make you a better reader because you understand people. I think maturity makes you a more tactful reader and far less judgemental. It’s certainly not my position to be judging people so I have no vested interest in what someone chooses to do with their life. The other thing that makes you a good reader is you have to remain emotionally detached from what you see.

How can you get the most out of a palm-reading session? I advise people to work out a list of questions before they come. Often how we phrase a question will be relevant to the type of answer we get. Vague questions get vague answers, but I’m very precise … if I’m reading or channelling. I get very disheartened by the kinds of psychic readers who say things like, ‘There’s an elderly presence around you, someone who’s passed’. There’s not anyone on earth who doesn’t have an elderly person or grandmother or relative who’s passed – let’s get real. That doesn’t wash with me at all. I’m a girl for specifics and detail.

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