iPhone app of the week… The A-hole Tester

iPhone app of the week… The A-hole Tester

ahole testerThere are a LOT of useless apps out there. Don’t get me started on the cash I’ve chucked down the App Store Black Hole. But sometimes, you come across something irresistible. Like an 99-cent app which can take the guesswork out of figuring out whether the guy you’re seeing is awesome, or a total douche-bag. Sometimes those boundaries are a little blurred, huh?
A-hole Tester is the brainchild of Amber Madison, who created it with research conducted for her book, Are All Men A-holes? (and yes, there is a link in the app to buy the book). The app asks you 18 multiple choice questions designed to help you narrow down if you’re overthinking a guy’s behaviour, or should actually kick him to the kerb. Then it calculates the probability that your guy is an a-hole. Because we are nothing if not scientific at RC HQ, I tested it on my husband to see if I backed the right horse. Apparently he only has a 10 percent chance of being an asshole, and the app informed me that I am a ‘dick’ for thinking he could possibly be a dick. Glad we cleared that up.
Sure, some of the multiple choice options should be taken with a grain of salt. And if you have a friend who’ll happily give it to you straight about your sketchy hook-ups, you don’t need it. Women who have a dodgy dating gauge and would rather not waste time and energy on idiots might find it useful, though. Madison does warn users that the app is for entertainment uses only and should not replace a trip to a counsellor – or a dart board with his face on it.

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