Is multiple-dating a bad thing?

Is multiple-dating a bad thing?

I recently dated three girls in one week. I then picked the best of the three to follow up with. After 3 weeks of focussing on the best of the bunch she confessed that she was dating another guy simultaneously. As a guy I then felt a) less attracted to her and not as keen to kiss her and b) cheated of the opportunity to keep dating the other two girls I had given up on to focus on her. I guess I acted too ‘old fashioned’ by taking a risk on what I thought was the best opportunity. When that date fell apart, it was too late to revive the other two dates. What do most girls think if a guy is dating multiple girls at the same time while dating her? Is it totally acceptable in Sydney to run multiple dating from the girl’s perspective? Peter Pan

Nice to see you again Mr Pan, but three chicks in one week? Holy moly, you’re dedicated (or just have a death wish, I’m not sure which). While I actually think multiple dating is a perfect way to clobber the self esteem of everyone involved, it seems pretty socially acceptable to juggle dates like tennis balls these days. And please, don’t give me that, ‘I felt less attracted to her’ baloney. You were three-timing her only days before you found out she was two-timing you! My opinion, for what it’s worth: ask Girl 3 if she wants to be exclusive, and if she agrees, go to the pub, drink margaritas and commence living happily ever after. Capice?
Love, reality chick

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