Is my work crush into me?

Is my work crush into me?

Is my work crush into me?

I met this really nice, outgoing guy at work (we work in retail). He’s very charming and not bad on the eyes. I’m a bit of a cynic and believe guys have ulterior motives… but when I started talking to him between customers every so often, he’s changed how I view him completely – including what he’s studying, thoughts on travel, etc. We’ve had some playful and teasing moments and his always happy-go-lucky outlook is infuriating but also just makes me smile.

We’ve had great conversations; he’s told me he’s had a ‘past’ that I didn’t look too deeply into. I’ve confessed I wasn’t the best at relationships. He also told me he was pretty bad at them too, particularly a recent one where he had a ‘lady friend’ from a work drink-up that he screwed up over a free coffee. He told me to get the next one when next we chat.

When I’m tidying shelves he’s often coming to me asking questions about me, family, interests, music I’m into, and has asked what my plans were (he checked my shifts) and he’s asked where I usually hang out, etc. Bottom line, he’s a really surprising guy and a nice guy but I don’t know if he’s just being really friendly (he also asks others what their plans are etc, but not as many personal questions). There have been times where I feel like he’s almost wanted to ask to hang out but given the situation at work with other people around it may be awkward… at one point I wanted to try pass him my number and tell him how I felt but there was not really an opportunity to. Also asked when the next time I’d see him and even for the year ahead and my uni schedule, if I had other jobs, but don’t know what to think of it. Also as I won’t see him for possibly another week or so I’m really confused on what to think of it all. Theresa-Anne

Good gawd chicken, stop with the analyzing and ask him out already. Just a drink after work or a coffee or a swim or some dumplings or a funny movie you both talked about. Not all at once, obviously – but just choose one that feels kinda no-pressure and ask him casually and gauge his reaction. You’ll soon know if he’d rather keep you as a workmate. Good luck!

Love, reality chick

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  1. Pat Riarchy 7 years ago

    What a goose.

    Leave him alone.

    Why would you want to go out with a co worker. We all know how it will end. You will be crying sexual harassment and he will lose his job.

    Go and ruin some one else’s life. Someone you don’t work with. Then again, I suppose, if he is that much of an idiot and desperado he might do it.

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