It’s a nice day for a … underwater proposal!

It’s a nice day for a … underwater proposal!

If you’re a regular RC reader, you’ll know that we love weird or offbeat proposals. So when we heard about this video of a guy who proposed while diving in Mexico with his girlfriend, we knew it was something we had to see. (And share with you guys). Apparently, the couple weren’t supposed to dive that day due to poor visibility but were allowed down anyway due to the special occasion. Once underwater, Luke Kahren pulled out a card on which he’d scrawled, ‘I love you. Will you marry me?’ and showed it to his girlfriend Emily. He then was handed a shell by a fellow diver from which he plucked the ring, and put it on Emily’s finger. Aww. Kinda sweet.

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  1. Alison 8 years ago

    That’s soooo sweet! x 🙂

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