Just can’t get no satisfaction

Just can’t get no satisfaction
no satisfactionI’ve been single for 8 months now. I don’t mind being on my own but I do miss sex. My friends are all hooked up so it’s hard to go out and meet people.
I’m no prude and I’m happy with no-strings sex right now so I’ll take any suggestions! Getting a bit sick of my many vibrators – ha! Ha! HM
I’m guessing you haven’t joined a dating site yet – otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You’d be besieged by a bevy of blokes who’d happily list ‘no-strings sex’ as the only thing on their profile if they could get away with it. So that’s an option, but be warned: you’ll be sifting through quite a few profiles and enduring many more disastrous, kill-me-now dates before you actually find a guy you want to ride the hobby horse with.
Hot, single male acquaintances happy to double as bed-pals are probably less hassle. If you’re lacking in hot, single male acquaintances, it’s time to find some – maybe at a cool bar where you feel comfortable wearing heels and a come-hither expression. Think Vera Farmiga in that recent dramedy Up in the Air. (Just don’t expect to meet George Clooney.)
For nights in? Soft porn and erotic literature can get the party started (think Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden or Men in Love; Delta of Venus by Anais Nin; Lady Chatterly’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence or India Knight’s The Dirty Bits for Girls). And as a girl who values her vibrators, it might be time to invest in a few new models if the old ones aren’t even boring the pants off you.
Love, reality chick

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