Just saw my ex, and I want her back

Just saw my ex, and I want her back

I broke up with my girlfriend six months ago, but I bumped into her recently. She used to be whiny, clingy and needy but now she’s looking amazing, scored a hot new job and seems really confident and happy. I don’t know why I ever let her go. Should I try to win her back? Grant

Six months is about how long it takes for most gals to get their groove back after a break-up. About that time, we usually find our way out of the tub of Cookies’n’Cream and back to the gym, our girlfriends and our jobs with a renewed sense of purpose. Maybe you feel like you can offer her something completely different this time around, and if that’s the case, go ahead and try your best at wooing her back – flowers, home-cooked dinners and jewellry are always good options as well as a heartfelt explanation for your renewed interest. But if, deep down, you think you can’t make her any happier than she is now, then move along and let her go. You had your chance pal…
Love, reality chick

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  1. Standing Tall 10 years ago

    I’m in the reverse situation. My girl broke things off with me a month or so ago and I’m sure the day will come where we bump into each other again (we used to work together and have similar friends through colleagues).

    I was super in love with her and am cut now because she ended a great thing we had for no particular reason.

    I find myself hypothesising about the time we will run into each other and her reaction as my way of trying to get over has been to bump up my exercise (I’m in good shape already) to keep my mind in a good place. So i know she’ll likely see me and miss me on a physical level, and when we speak she’ll miss our banter.

    What i will say is that if you’ve done the breaking up, sincerity and giving that person time to take you back into their life are the 2 most important things. You’ve broken their trust and rebuilding that is no quick or easy feat. But put in the hard yards and she might be yours again.


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