MANSWERS: How can a single mum find someone to love?

MANSWERS: How can a single mum find someone to love?

How does someone like me – a single mother – find Mr Right or someone to love? I don’t get a chance to go out due to the kids. I had three children, one who was disabled (and who passed away a few months ago). I don’t have friends as I was a stay at home mum and full-time carer.  I’m also shy and don’t have a lot of money – but I have a very big heart.  I keep being told by my two children that I need to start getting out, but how? Mandy

Manswers Man BB says: If you ask 10 different couples how they met, chances are you’ll get 10 different answers, all with their own circumstances. For some it’s a chance meeting at a party, for others it could be a set up from well-intentioned friends, and in this day and age there’s always the internet. Or you could happen to sit next to them in year 5 at school and still be together 30 years later (like my wife and I)!

The point is you can’t plan these things, you just need to interact. I would think there are plenty of eligible blokes with similar child commitments as you for a start. One last point, don’t necessarily hold out for Mr Right. None of us are perfect and it’s unrealistic to expect perfection in a future partner. Once you start getting out and meeting people keep it simple and ask yourself ‘do I like spending time with this person?’. If you do, keep seeing them. If you don’t, don’t.

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