Media Kit

Reality Chick is an advice column and relationships blog written by journalist Rachel Smith. It’s a portal for readers’ love life questions and covers the latest in relationship and dating trends. The readership is predominently females aged 25-45.

Sponsored or ‘partnered’ posts are available for brands and businesses I’m a fan of / which have synergy with RC. I write the copy in RC’s house style, with topics to be discussed with the client. For info about fees, please contact me. You can view some of my previous partner posts here. I’ve worked with Bookworld, Michael Hill, Durex, eHarmony, Groupon, Asos, B2 and C-date, to name a few.

Guest posts are accepted on Reality Chick on occasion, although I have guidelines in place for the type of guest posts accepted. Before getting in touch about guest posting, please read our FAQ.

Rachel is not a psychologist and Reality Chick is for entertainment purposes only, as our disclaimer states. However, as a long-time advice columnist “RC” recognizes that those who write in have legitimate issues and tries to answer questions in a manner that’s caring and helpful. Where possible, relevant relationship studies will be mentioned and occasionally, expert opinions will also be sought.

Like to know more? Email me your requirements and I’ll get back to you ASAP.