Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Motherhood’s the focus in this poignant ensemble drama, centred around the stories of three very different women. There’s Karen (Annette Bening at her blazing best), a 50-year-old physical therapist embittered by life and long-term regrets over giving up her daughter for adoption many years ago. That daughter, Elizabeth (Naomi Watts), now a brilliant lawyer, shares her mother’s misery, although it manifests in private where she plays games with people and keeps the world at arm’s length, bailing when it all gets too tough. Director Rodrigo Garcia also brings Lucy (Kerry Washington) into the mix, a neurotic baker desperate to revive her once-happy marriage, which is slowly cracking under the strain of her infertility. She wants to adopt and although Blind Freddy could pick up on her husband’s reticence, Lucy commandeers them both a seat on the baby train.
Slowly, the women and their lives intersect in an adoption agency, run by a nun whose lot in life seems to be as the meat in the sandwich of despair and disappointment. The men of the piece – Samuel L Jackson, Jimmy Smits and David Ramsay – exist largely on the periphery; its the women who drive this with richly satisfying performances that show while life doesn’t always turn out as planned, there can still be healing, acceptance and hope. Bring the tissue box. Out June 17

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