Must I party with his paramours?

Must I party with his paramours?

Reality Chick, help! I broke up with my husband because I thought he was doing the dirty with the receptionist from his work – mobile phone bills showed they’d been messaging A LOT. He denied it all, so now we’re back together. However, he’s now insisting he invite the receptionist and one of his ex girlfriends to a huge birthday bash I am throwing for him AND paying for. I’m not comfortable with this, but he says it’s his party and he can invite whoever he likes. Jen

I’ve come across a few dodgy husbands in my time, Jen, but yours sounds like a real piece of work. First, he enjoys a little offshore drilling with his receptionist (I know I haven’t seen the mobile bills but trust me, I’ve got a gut feel on this one). By some miracle, he worms his way back into your life by denying the whole thing. Then, during a time when he really should be kissing your feet, cooking you gourmet meals, unselfishly tending to your sexual needs and apologising profusely for putting you through the agony of a break-up/make-up, he instead demands that he be allowed to whoop it up with both his bit of fluff AND an ex-girlfriend, at a lavish birthday party you’re throwing for him? Funny how you’re not feeling comfortable about your home life these days, Jen. My advice? Give Mr It’s-My-Party-And-I’ll-Invite-Who-I-Want-To a hefty kick where the sun don’t shine and find a sexy divorce lawyer. Stat.

Love, reality chick

PS. Can I have Party Boy’s number? I feel a prank call or ten coming on.

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  1. Anonymous 11 years ago

    OMG one word… divorce.

    • Matt 8 years ago


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