My ex blabbed about our sex life… help!

My ex blabbed about our sex life… help!

I split with my boyfriend recently and as payback he’s blabbed about our relationship – and worse, our sex life – to his mates, telling them things I wouldn’t even share with my own friends. I want to hide. Ashamed

So, I bet, did Jessica Simpson when her ex John Mayer likened her to ‘crack cocaine’ and ‘sexual napalm’ in Playboy magazine. It’s icky, knowing that your sexual secrets are being dissected over a beer or three, and as you can’t really shut him up I’d steer well clear of him and his mates. If you do bump into them, hold your head up high and remember, he’s an idiot with zero class. You dodged a bullet.
Love, reality chick

~ As seen in NW magazine

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  1. Bron 8 years ago

    Personally i’d nuke him.

    The chances are he’s talking about how good he was etc etc blah blah blah.

    Get your friends in on the act, engineer chances to talk about how inadequate and unskilled he was, quick off the mark, etc and make sure that people he knows can hear.

    Don’t talk to them directly, just let them ‘overhear’ girl talk. They are more likely to believe if they think they weren’t meant to hear 😉

    Guys love to gossip just as much as girls and his friends will dig the boot in at his expense.

  2. reality chick 10 years ago

    Dickhead of the year, yes. But apparently he has Tourette’s Syndrome, so it’s all good.

  3. Contented Single 10 years ago

    We really don’t know how someone is in bed, unless we’ve been with them. Eg, I could tell all my friends that a guy has a small dick, but for somene else that might be average.

    You know what, I wouldn’t worry about it. People think about themselves 95% of the time so they won’t even be thinking about you.

    What he’s done,, says a whole lot more about him, than you anyway, and people will see that. Don’t most people think John Meyer is a dickhead.

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