My husband would be horrified, but is peeing in the shower really so bad?

My husband would be horrified, but is peeing in the shower really so bad?

pee post2Is it really that bad to pee in the shower? I’m not talking about the shared shower in the changing rooms at the gym (as that’s so obviously so gross, disgusting and wrong!) but the shower in our en suite, that only EVER gets used by me, my husband and our two kids.

I don’t think it’s a biggie at all – as long as you’re alone (i.e. no accidental golden showers for an unsuspecting recipient) and you follow it up with a good dose of shower gel. My husband, on the other hand, would undoubtedly find me quite revolting and unattractive if he knew this was my stance on the issue – in fact, he has no idea that I don’t care at all about pee’ing in the shower as I’d hate this to be a huge turn-off for him. He is English – maybe that has something to do with it. Stiff upper lip, and all that.

Help me RC – am I clearly lacking an understanding of limits, or is he more of a freak for being so against it? If your response is the latter, I’ll leave him to his opinion and carry on secretly pee’ing in the shower, safe in the knowledge that I’m not breaking some universal law or code of conduct. Signed, It’s only wee!

You definitely win letter of the month – I wish I got more like yours! Mainly because I’m sure this is one of those questions people are dying to ask but don’t dare to – although, I do remember it came up in this Dear Prudence column a while ago. For the record, she was a deadset fan of shower peeing, and in a 2012 Glamour poll of 1000 women 75 percent admitted to the odd shower tinkle too, so you are definitely in the quiet, anonymous shower-peeing majority.

Me? I don’t find this a huge deal. Maybe because I am with child and cursed by the urge to pee 22 times a day. Personally, if I happen to be in the shower during one of those times, it’s my lucky day – anything to spend less time in the loo is fine by me. I do agree with the pee protocol – ie, peeing BEFORE the shampoo / conditioner / shower gel – but it’s probably not even necessary given pee is sterile. Still, I’m with you – it makes me feel better having that slight nod to hygiene. The question now is, should you have this discussion with your husband? No, no, one hundred times no. You’re married but that doesn’t mean everything has to be up for debate. I’d just keep up with your sneaky peeing happy in the knowledge that you’re saving money on loo paper and water bills, and racking up some impressive environmental karma to boot. 

Love, reality chick

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  1. Katie 7 years ago

    I have had this argument with friends and work colleagues numerous times. I am definitely pro shower peeing. As far as I’m concerned it’s probably cleaner peeing in a shower where there is a constant flow of clean water washing it down the drain and off you. I must admit I don’t even have a protocol as to when it’s ok to pee in the shower…ie, before/after shampoo/conditioner. If you need to pee…you need to pee!!! A quick wash down after you pee and you’re done!! 🙂

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