My long-distance boyfriend hasn’t contacted me in weeks

My long-distance boyfriend hasn’t contacted me in weeks
My long distance boyfriend hasn't contacted me in weeks

I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month and he’s gone away for three months. We had ‘the talk’ and decided we would be exclusive and that we were going to try long-distance. He has been gone for nearly two weeks and has not contacted me at all. I am not contacting him because he is very busy over there. While he’s gone I’ve been talking to his friends and they have told me stories about him including drugs, skipping out on rent, lying. I don’t know what to do. Tiffany

Two weeks? No text even? Oh honey, I’m sorry. I know you want to believe it’s because he’s very busy, but I think after seeing someone for a month, you’ve usually set up camp on Planet Can’t Live Without This Person. Both of you are camped out there (or should be) if it’s real and going somewhere serious.

So if you’re forced to be away from your brand new girlfriend for THREE WHOLE MONTHS, you write. You call. You text. You find a blinking carrier pigeon and tie a note its neck. He’s not too busy. No one’s too busy to text their new girlfriend once in two weeks. I say see him – and this – for what it is, and walk away before investing any more of your heart or your time in it.

Love, reality chick

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  1. Starwoman 6 years ago

    Tiffany, yes, Rachel hits it on the head! The reality is – I am certain you know in your heart, the answer to your question!
    Go girl! You’re bigger than that.
    Happy Easter,

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