My long-distance girlfriend has gone all quiet on me

My long-distance girlfriend has gone all quiet on me

Hi Rachel, I’m 25 and she is 21. We are in a LDR and thousands of miles away from each other. We love each other very much and almost always talk about the future every single time. She stays with her aunt because her house is close to the university. Her aunt is very strict and sometimes prohibits her from doing lots of things especially staying away from social media. We use to talk and text a lot before she went back to school but now because of her aunt, she told me not text or call until she does. Sometimes I stare at my phone for hours just for a call or something . It’s been about two weeks since I last heard from her and it’s killing me. I have already told her how I feel about the whole situation but she said she there isn’t anything she can do at the moment. Please give me some advice. Nick

Call me crazy, Nick, but I’m not buying the strict aunty story. I mean, she’s not locked in her room sans phone and internet, because she obviously goes to school, so the opportunities ARE there to get in touch with you. And that’s where something is kind of irking me… the fact that she hasn’t. Hasn’t used the opportunity to jump on a campus computer and send you a quick Facebook message or a tweet. Hasn’t asked a friend if she can borrow a phone to text you incognito in case her aunty’s monitoring her phone usage. Hasn’t waited til the dead of night and the house is asleep to huddle up with the home phone and ring you for a whispered call.

Why? I have no idea, and of course neither do you, and while I don’t want to speculate you’ve got to consider the possibility that there’s another reason that she doesn’t want to tell you about. That she’s having second thoughts, or feeling funny about the relationship but isn’t ready to tell you (or doesn’t know how). I hope for your sake I’m wrong, but LDRs can’t exist in a vacuum; you guys need to talk, and soon.

Love, reality chick

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  1. Tom 5 years ago

    The wrong kind of long distance relationship will make you seriously nervous and depressed and I would question the motives of anyone who would go quiet for 2 weeks given the abundance of ways available to get in touch. She should know, if she loves you, that you’ll be going crazy and to allow that to happen doesn’t show much consideration for your feelings.

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