My one-night-stand was shocked that I didn’t have a hairfree hoo-ha

My one-night-stand was shocked that I didn’t have a hairfree hoo-ha

My one-night-stand was aghast that I didn’t have a hairfree hoo-ha

I recently had a one-nighter with a guy who seemed very put-out at the fact that I hadn’t done much to my lady garden. He was quite shocked in fact and although he went down on me, he was openly disgruntled that I actually had pubes which sort of killed the moment. Is porn star bare a pre-requisite these days? I trim and shave it into a nice shape but I’m totally opposed to getting it all waxed off. Hairy and Happy

Some guys are fetishists about this while others couldn’t give a flying Nair bottle whether you’ve got hair down there or not. I’d hazard a guess that the guys who really care are heavily into porn because where else are they getting the stupid idea that they can dictate what our pubes look like or whether we have any at all? I mean, seriously. Do we ask them to de-fuzz their nut sack as a matter of priority before we get down to business? God no. Maybe if we did, and they went through the toe-curling pain of a wax session, they’d stop making such a song and dance about finding a welcome mat in a woman’s undies.

I’m pro-whatever-you-want-to-do-to-your-pubes, frankly. If Brazilians with a landing strip are your bag, great. If you have a partner who gets off on the bare look and you’re down with that, rock on. If you want to neaten the bikini line and keep the rest a furry forest or heck, give maintenance the flick altogether in lieu of a 70s-style bush (which I hear are making a comeback), that’s your pubic perogative. And for what it’s worth, there are guys out there so happy to just have a naked woman in their bed it wouldn’t even occur to them to pass judgement on the hairiness of her hoo-ha. Best look for one of them.

Love, reality chick

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  1. Deb 7 years ago

    Love this reply – LOVE IT!

    I worry that Sydney men are so used to the fully waxed woman that anything else seems appalling but I find that thought outrageous. (I’m with the writer on the neatly trimmed sure, but fuck the full waxing palaver attitude. Who needs the time, $, agony and ingrown hairs?) Any man who can’t deal with this likely watches too much porn and also lacks the courtesy and the good sense to keep his thoughts to himself til you’ve at least gotten much better acquainted. Hope you promptly lost his number HH!

    Oh and you should have told him that he wouldn’t get a blow job from you until he had a full back, crack and sack wax.

    • Nuno 6 years ago

      Well, when you perform oral sex on a man, you don’t have any hair in your mouth (unless you put his balls on your mouth too, but i doubt that).
      When a men performs oral sex on a woman, he will definitely have pubic hair on his mouth.
      Although pubic hair helps preventing STDs and infections on women, it will also accumulate smells easier. So unless a hairy women just had a shower, she will probably smell and taste weird down there. And trust me, you should smell/taste it before saying it isnt much of a deal

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