Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2

When a preview involves an unlimited amount of free cocktails, one automatically assumes the movie is shite and the distributors are hoping the booze might soften the sledging. Of course, nothing was going to work on the grim-faced reviewers in the cinema I was in the other night, but the majority of viewers were hot-to-trot women dressed to the nines, necking back the champers and enjoying a kickarse girl’s night out with their besties. The clear message to critics taking it all so seriously? Get stuffed. We’ll like it anyway. Just like the last one.
Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say… there’s actually lots to like. Free cocktails or no free cocktails.
Number one reason to watch, of course, is the clothes. The revolving door of couture continues at high speed throughout, and I’m happy to report that costume designer Patricia Field has yet again done her clothes-horse clan proud.
Vintage frocks aside, though, where are the New York foursome at two years on? For Carrie and Big, a kid-free lifestyle and too-cool-for-school New York apartment is no longer cutting the mustard. “Why don’t you cook?” hints Big, or words to that effect. “Honey, you knew I was more Coco Chanel than coq a vin when you married me,” she shoots back. Uh oh. The Manolo Blahnick really hits the fan when he installs a flat-screen in the bedroom for her anniversary present. And suggests that maybe they should rewrite their marriage rules to include two day time-outs. Every week. (Oh Aidan, where are you when we need you? In Abu Dhabi, actually, but more on that later.)
Meanwhile, Charlotte’s busy pretending that motherhood is all sweetness and light, but no one told her that wearing a vintage skirt while making messy cupcakes with the kids is just asking for trouble. Ditto hiring a nanny with giant norks who has a penchant for going bra-less (a fact that hasn’t escaped Harry or indeed any man’s notice within a two-metre radius). For Miranda, life’s become about the Crackberry and her ‘talk to the hand’ boss – while Samantha’s busy rubbing yams on her girly bits and taking natural hormones in a bid to keep menopause at bay. In short, life’s sucky (in the SATC-scheme of things, anyway) – so when Samantha befriends a sheikh who offers to host all of them at his palatial hotel in Abu Dhabi, no one bothers to check their calendar before packing.
What ensues in the Land of Excess? Well, a private car each for starters (cue Greenie-teeth gnashing); four butlers (will Samantha … no. Don’t go there) and a presidential-style suite complete with casual and formal living rooms and a bar. Forget five stars, someone just rewrote the luxury scale in a way that takes rash post-GFC consumerism to new heights. Once settled in, Samantha continues her favourite game, Slapper About Town (a courageous move in a country that chucks you in jail for a minor lip-lock), Miranda and Charlotte bemoan motherhood with the help of some hard liquor and Carrie – who’s still smarting over Big’s time-out suggestion – goes shoe shopping in the souk, only to bump into  the furniture-making-goo-goo-eyes-ex-who-got-away, Aidan.
This is where things go a bit screwy. A bit cartoonish and cringeworthy. Did it bring the whole party to a screaming halt? Did the hoardes of well-dressed fans behind me chuck their champagne glasses at the screen and scream bloody murder? Uh, no. Because like any girl who takes a tumble in stilettos knows, you’ve got to get up, adjust your underwear and soldier on. SATC2 may fall prey to a few colossal missteps, but when the audience is a bunch of women drunk and happy on champagne, high fashion and a dose of the SATC sisterhood, does it really matter? I tend to think not.

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  1. Author
    realitychick 11 years ago

    Thank you dahlings, I aim to please

  2. Sparky 11 years ago

    I wanna see! Who gives a toss about the reviews ( except this fabulous one of course) thanks rc 🙂

  3. Lisa 11 years ago

    What a wonderful review, RC! Witty, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and spot-on, I have no doubt. Where can I repost this to bring it all the attention it deserves???

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